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People work with Maven Financial Services Limited because they want professional and unbiased advice and services.

Clients want strong relationships built on trust, understanding, caring and appreciation. Consequently, we strive to operate in a culture of honesty, integrity, respect and caring, creating moments of mutual connectedness and significance that add value to your life.

Conversely, our connections with our clients provide a framework of purpose and meaning to our lives; therefore, we look forward to creating

opportunities to connect with each and every person we work with.

We are independent advisors, but we also work interdependently. Each financial advisor brings the shared wisdom of a broad based network with significant experience in financial planning and investment management.

We are proud of our accomplishments, but recognize that working with a number of other professionals and teams of professionals ensures we are able to deliver 'best of class' practitioners and advice in the preparation and implementation of your plan.

We are certified to provide financial planning in Nunavut, Northwest Territories, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Robert Lamb
Certified Financial Planner

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