Melanie Locke

Administrative Assistant

Hi, I'm Melanie. I was born in Medicine Hat; however, from the age of 3 I lived in Edmonton, Alberta. I attended French Immersion School until High School, where I expanded my language education to also include German. My appreciation for cultures and languages was fostered by my parents; we had visited almost every continent while I was still in school.

Upon graduation from High School I attended the University of Alberta where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Romance Languages (French and Spanish) with a Minor in Anthropology.

From 1999 to 2007 I/we relocated to various cities across Canada in moves dictated by my husband's career. (We married while in BC in 2001.)  Luckily, each time we moved my languages and computer skills enabled me to gain employment with different software companies where I provided bilingual technical support.

Working at Maven is my first non-bilingual position since leaving Toronto in 2007.  However, even though I don't speak French every day, I welcome the opportunity to speak it with existing (and future) clients. One of the requirements of my position was to take the Canadian Investment Funds Course. Happily, I passed this course in early 2009. I also attend various seminars. This has really helped me understand the work we do. The skills I've learned, coupled with my past Customer Service experience, have really helped me in my present position in the financial services industry.

My responsibilities include answering the telephone (I'm the friendly voice on the other end when you call), greeting clients, preparing the paperwork for our client meetings, preparing necessary reports for client reviews, and assisting Robert and May during client meetings. I help clients with administrative questions and concerns, and handle related client service functions in addition to various other administrative tasks. (various should be underlined) I also coordinate communication with outside investment companies.

When I'm not working at Maven, I'm busy with the day-to-day lives of my two young children. If there is any time left after school and sports, I enjoy gardening, weather permitting. I also enjoy travelling, continuing the tradition established by my parents.

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