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Financial Services For Widows and Widowers

Yesterday, a wife; today, a widow

worried widow

When a widow first comes to me she often seems lost and very alone.  “I believed my life was over. I believed I would never be happy again. I believed I had no reason for living…”

“Can I make it?” is the same question asked by widows whether they’re worth more than a million dollars or considerably less.  As a financial planner my role becomes that of being a decision partner, someone you can trust, while you get used to being alone (and that’s what it is, “getting used to”, it’s not “getting over” or “forgetting”), and wondering whether you can make it psychologically and financially.

Establishing a new cash flow is one of the great needs for most widows.  We work with you to figure that out as you slowly establish a new life.  Maybe you can’t do that right away, but as you make changes in the way you live — we help determine what it’s going to cost you and where the money’s going to come from.

The other big thing is re-establishing the investment portfolio.  We provide guidance without pressure to remove the worry from financial decisions and give you the confidence to move forward with your life. 

While we do regular things like cash flow and investments, we also talk. Sometimes it’s just inspiring confidence; for example, giving you the confidence to say, “Maybe I didn’t think much about this in the past, but I can go forward from here.”

widow with her son

Working with widows has become some of the most rewarding work for me as a financial planner. To be able to see widows grow and change and become empowered makes me feel humbled.

It’s not a perfect world, so please contact me for a “no obligation” preliminary meeting to see if there is a fit.

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