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Are you ready for the next great adventure in your life? Well believe it or not, you are already living it - but you probably aren't experiencing it as such.

Many retirees don't have the confidence in their planning to really enjoy this phase of life; they're plagued by worry and fear. For example, “What if everything you worked so hard for doesn't stand the test of retirement?” You've got substantial wealth - but could it shrivel or evaporate? After all, your retirement could last 20 or 30 years or more, years often punctuated by unforeseen circumstances in your own world or in the economic realm.

Most people only retire once, but we have had the experience of being able to retire many, many times through the clients we serve. So while there is much to be said for knowledge and information, there is no substitute for experience and the resulting insight when it comes to providing meaningful advice and direction.

Once your vision has been defined--or shared with us--one of our goals in working with you is to establish a tailored investment portfolio for you based on your investor profile, tolerances, and the rate-of-return objectives driven by your life plan. While we continue to pay attention to risk management, our focus is on sustainable, tax-efficient income.

A key concept within this approach involves consolidating all of your income-producing assets and benefits under one planning umbrella. The benefits of this are:

    • Better planning
    • Better asset allocation and portfolios
    • Less confusion from conflicting advice
    • Control over the amounts and sources of income
    • Less administration in terms of reporting and the number of cheques you will receive
    • An opportunity for better tax efficiency: both now and in estate planning.

 This strategy creates the amount of income that is needed, but keeps taxable income low. Our approach also encourages the planned use of your assets and income during the years of retirement when you are enjoying your best health.

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